Intangible Dreams

by Symfinity

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Intangible Dreams is Symfinity's debut album. Started by composer/songwriter, Seann Branchfield, who composed and orchestrated the songs, this album is truly difficult to categorize. The songs are very melodic and the orchestral sound becomes one of the most unifying factors. The songs also range from almost goth metal to ballads and plenty in between. The usage of flute as a solo instrument is prominent throughout the entire album with flutist, Nicole Schroeder performing on every track. Inspired by symphonic metal bands, this is generally on the lighter side and generally sticks to mainstream song lengths. The music is progressive in terms of orchestration and its unique sound rather than long complicated forms associated with most symphonic rock music. The lyrics are about hope, yearning, and the quest for meaning in life.


released April 6, 2012



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Symfinity New York, New York

Symfinity is a symphonic rock band based in New York.

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Track Name: Cries of Humanity
Lying shells on a beach transparent-Listening clearly to sounds of the sea-And this show is a fabrication-Of a forgotten melody-I hear the cries of humanity-Piercing the waves that we all can see-Hope is in finding the reasoning-To which I feel the creations live-Forget the stormy shallows-Follow me to a place that is true-Tell them all what I’ve heard inside me-Nothing more than a lingering song-Lying shells will have understanding-And the waters will clear them away-Hear the reason inside you calling-Hear the sound of the sea in your mind
Track Name: It's Not Just Me
I’ve always gone my way; you’ve always gone yours-We’re looking for love, looking for faith; we’re looking for answers-It’s not just me, ‘cause now I see-We’re all alive looking for the same thing-Some meaning for these intangible dreams-It’s not just me anymore-Just look in my thoughts and see the gateway to my mind-Somewhere, somehow, someday, there’s answers that I’ll find-We’re looking for quiet contentment to ease our souls-So forget about your normal way of life and begin to pursue our goals
Track Name: Point of Refraction
So step into the rain-To find another day-And all your spite will stain-So wash it all away-I must find (Search for new ways to think)-In my mind (And break out of the link)-A place to hide (You know it’s time to move on)-From inside (Since what has passed is now gone)-And you hear them saying-From out in the rain-We’re trying to find-This point of refraction-Now you are one of us-Rejected in this fuss-But you will fit in here-And now it’s coming clear-Now you see (And this isn’t a dream)-Why we be (You know they aren’t what they seem)-Why we flee (It’s time to change our ways-Turn to free (So we can live out our days)-They want what I have seen-To find the way-When we get to that point of refraction-It will be yesterday-And you hear them saying…
Track Name: Now Free
Wish I was free as the air-Without will or care-Fly me to a place-Away from you-Would you never set us free-I and you and he and she-Find a place for us to go-That is they think they know-Willst du uns befreien nie-Ich und du und er und sie-Find du für uns einen Platz-Jetzt musst du uns jetzt befreien
Track Name: I Follow You
I just want to see you again-Your presence always is so calming-I only hope that you can understand-The thoughts I want to tell you-I see, I fall, I follow you-I see, I fall, I follow you-Is it a prayer to ask for happiness-When I make my life the way it is?-I see in your eyes the things that you’ve wanted-Not far from mine-There is so little I need from this earth-So I wish and I wish for it always-I don’t need any reactionary toys-Just tell me how you feel
Track Name: A Time To Breathe
You know I’m on a trail, and I’ll never fail-But the spiders are watching over me pulling me into their webs and stretching-So awful the demands, too many music fans-We all want to be free and have some time to breathe-A place to live and to believe -And all that I want is a time to breathe-From all the way down to the symphony-All that I want is a time to breathe-Look at me, you never thought I would change or go out of range-Just looking for something new for me-Like a fire that’s burned all of its fuel-No more losing for me or just being the tool that you rule- No more lies; no more cries of distress-Simply looking for the rest while only doing my best-The book is done now it’s time to relax, throw it all back while I listen to some crap and take a nap and find-It’s in my find and I’ll never forget all the times that I’ve wanted to stop-End it all now just for a while, let me go back in styles so I’ll always be trying to see-All the facts and the possibilities that give me all this potential-Let me see and look back at my life ‘cause it’s moving so fast what I really need is
Track Name: Never Quite Always
When your universe crashes down-There’s nothing left but ashes full of frowns-I don’t care if your hope has died-I’ll be there but never by your side-What is this world coming to-You always think that you are screwed-Violence to propagate, intelligence to hate-If you never quite always fail with your politicians old and fat as whales-These hypocrites won’t last for long, but only if they’re proven wrong-If you never quite always mend, with you freedoms burning at both ends-We kill ourselves if we always hinder, not with a bang but with a whimper-And I still say that I’ll help you-Am I your friend or am I lying too?-Wondering about if more people died-The time is now, but it isn’t on your side-With a whimper-Sadistic people think it’s fun-Exploiting suckers one by one-Taking from the poor, duping simple minds, bombing the innocent, so many tears we’ve spilled and spent-It seems we never quite always
Track Name: Court You Slowly
Turning like the leaves in autumn, staying wiser as we change-Your touch I still can feel, though my arms are out of range-And if I write these epic songs of old for me you always fit the mold-Just watch as I pursue you wholly; I want to catch you slowly-Overwhelmed by all your power, reaching to feel your beauty, holds me happily captive from a distance-Overwhelmed by all these feelings, I want to court you slowly; I love you solely, but I’ll court you slowly-And thought the words are hard to find, I still have you on my mind-Every time that I’m around you, draws me closer with your bind-And then I’m left to stare at what I yearn as we’re waiting for all our leaves to turn-Then I’ll be watching over you as closely and I’ll court you slowly-We’re gonna make these thoughts come true-I’ll make my way into a place where I’m with you-We’re not moving very fast but hold onto my tether-Finally time will pass-We’ll be together
Track Name: Night Through Day
Where are we now, we are we-I can’t see you through the glistening trees-I can see the stars above us in the night-Follow my path; it’s just ahead-Beware the brush; there is no rush-Open your eyes; just look don’t see-Just look don’t see; just look don’t see-It won’t be long before you find the way-Just try to see the night through day-If stars light night then look for clouds-That catch their shadow to betray-Look past the trees, ever to free-Look past them now and you’ll see how-Find the way, night through day-Find the way, night through day-Follow me now, follow me-And the stars are dimmed by the clouds-There’s no more light
Track Name: My Hidden Manor
There’s a place where I can go-There’s a place in my mind-Lock the doors and think slowly about the good things in life-No more meaningless tasks that I abhor-No more fights within myself, no more war-In this secret place, free from sorrow, free from glamour-Need more time to waste in my hidden manor-And when I’m lost in entropy-When the time is just right-Unify my decisions and retreat from the night-And try as hard as I can to justify-Why I learn what I’ve learned to get me by-There’s a place where I can go-On a path where we can grow-And I can in silence finally know what this all is for-What this all is for in my hidden manor