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Michelle Wood
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Michelle Wood Symfinity is seriously so amazing!! The Magician is my absolute favorite!!!
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released January 27, 2014

Seann Branchfield - Vocals, Piano, Oboe, Trumpet, Live Violin
Lynette Ford - Flute
Mike Lunapiena - Cello
Robare Pruyn - Clarinet

Composition, Orchestration and Arrangement by Seann Branchfield
Lyrics by Seann Branchfield

Engineered by Crystal Kim, Seann Branchfield, and Wentao Xing
Mastered by Crystal Kim



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Symfinity New York, New York

Symfinity is a symphonic rock band based in New York.

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Track Name: With Me Now
In my thoughts I still go to where I'm alone with you-So close and so far, but it shows us who we are with all the things we do-It may seem so long, but it's where we belong if it'll bring me to you-And I know that you know that you're the best for me as far as I can see wherever I will go-Softly now as I speak-Hold me now when I'm weak-I know that you know how-All these dreams that we make-In every day that I wake, you're always with me now-You make me believe that I can be anything for you-Just let me know and I'll let it show in all the things we do-These paths will take us right to the middle of our lives where I'll always be with you-And I know that you know that you're the best for me as far as I can see wherever I will go-With me now-I want to be, to be with you
Track Name: No More
They told a lie, but only to protect us-We're sure this fight is seeming never endless-It's time to purge ourselves of this masochism-To stay united, we first must risk this schism-No more, we cry-No more, they die-No more, these feelings of hate-It's not to late-We think we're right, to fear this situation-We take their resources and we're bombing their religion-But you know that this isn't just a game-Impeach the leaders who bring upon this shame-And we're sending these soldiers off to war-Misguided leaders, don't hear our shouts "No More"-They told a lie, but only to protect us-They told a lie, but only to exploit us
Track Name: On This Path
Follow the hypotenuse-Believe in yourself-From one point to the next point, try to see-There's more to you than me-Follow the hypotenuse-Believe in what you see-There's more to life than patterns-Let it float along-Float along, float along-All these things I'm telling you, I've probably said before-We make these same mistakes-I don't want anymore-Out of this cycle, and out of your love, I lead myself on this path-Finding new directions-Finding all you seek-Not everyone has answers-It's alright; give it your best fight-Follow the hypotenuse and always believe-You have what you want inside yourself-In yourself, in yourself
Track Name: Overrun
Here I am; not a fan-Why you doing this to me?-Won't believe, you deceive-Holding me I'm not so free-But every time I look in your eyes, I'm falling deeper in your disguise-I'm finally starting to realize, what you're making me-I am a beast of desire-I am the flame within your fire-And all that I want is to be the one who says what you want to hear-And will I be wholly overrun, as you still want what I become-But now I know that I want to make you feel the way you want inside-Tell me all; tell me how-Share your secrets all with me-But you won't; I can tell-Echoes only in my dreams-You're looking in my eyes with nothing-You'd think I'd turn away or something-I'm frozen but my mind is running-And you're as sure as me-And I will be overrun-No more restraints-Take what you want from me-No more waits-No more wasting our time-And I will help you if you help me-And we still conspire-All these thoughts to inspire-And I will be overrun
Track Name: Growing Younger
Would you believe, that all I wanted was here before my eyes-I have it all, now I have you-I'm so glad that you are in my life-I believe you when I hear you telling me those words, "I love you"-Never doubt it, that you mean it-Make these moments last forever-I'm growing younger every time that I'm with you-I feel a bit stronger when you hold me with your eyes-Let's do this together-I'm always happy when I'm with you-I'm growing younger and I hope you realize-Eternal dreams can come true-You make me sing a song worth singing-Inspire me so all can see, that I truly need you in my life-I believe you when I hear you whispering me those words, "I still love you"-Never doubt it, that you mean it-Make these moments last forever-You make me sing a song worth singing-Inspire me, inspire me-Would you believe that I all want is right here now before my eyes-And I hope that you can help me make this last forever-And now you hear me-All I wanted was to be with you-I'm growing younger-I believe it's coming true-I hope you realize
Track Name: The Magician
Why this melancholy voice that echoes in my mind, telling me there's things I cannot find-Years have passed; the hourglass is slipping us away-If I could cast a spell then I would save the way I was, the way you were, when I'd try to be around for you even when you need to-Turn me away-Your magician disappears-All your hope and spirit lost in all your fear-To save what we have, only we can defeat this curse-It's only worse if you reach for what's not there-I can't repair-Help me how to deal with all this pain you feel inside-You've said that you're okay but it's a lie-Maybe I'll become a martyr, try to save your day-Say all the things that you want me to say-But it's not the thing you ever need-So obsessing about the way you feel that you finally need to-If you wanted me to help you-Even if I didn't have to-Doesn't mean that I don't care-I can only do my share-I have no sorcery-We can only be human